Step by step, without a rush, we have steadily
endeavored for the realization of the “Healthy Beauty”.

Newtree 3.0

Leap to become a
No.1 “Healthy Beauty”
Global Company

Expansion of B2C channels (online/offline) and Opening of Newtree’s own online shopping mall
- 2017
  • Dec. The acquisition of a new technology certification related to the aster spathulifolius extract from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs in December.
  • Sep. à ‘Panduratin (Fingerroot extract)’, a weight-loss food ingredient, won IR52 Jang Young-shil Award of the 36th week, September.
  • Feb. Established “Newtree-O2 Co., Ltd.”
  • Feb. Launched “WEGUARD for Stomach” (Lotte Homeshopping) and Avocado Oil (Home & Shopping)
  • Feb. Launched “PANDORADIET-BEAUTY UP” (Lotte & NS Homeshopping)
- 2016
  • Oct. Opened Newtree’s own online shopping mall: Pandorabeauty
  • Oct. Launched “BLACKCURRANT WOMANS” (NS Homeshopping)
  • May. Launched “EVERCOLLAGEN TIME” (GS MY SHOP) and “THE FIRST RAW ROYAL JELLY”(Lotte Homeshopping)
  • Mar. Launched “THE FIRST ORGA NONI”(Home & Shopping)
Extending to Global business (China/North America/Southeast Asia)
- 2016 Jan. Established “Newtree Shanghai” in China
- Product launch in Singapore
- Product launch in Amazon.com, US
- Product launch in China (Shanghai, Nanching, Peiking)

Newtree 2.0

Development of Products
using patented ingredients
and their distribution

Launch of B2C products with brand names: PANDORADIET, EVERCOLLAGEN, and WEGUARD
- 2015May. Launched “BEAUTY MASTER” (CJ H.S./I’M H.S.), discontinued
- 2014
  • Nov. Launched “SUPER WEGUARD” (GS H.S.)
  • Oct. Launched “EVERCOLLAGEN UV CARE” (GS H.S.)
  • Oct. Launched “PANDORADIET” (NS H.S.)

Newtree 1.0

Development of novel
natural ingredients and
patents registration of
original technologies

Co-developed the first “Inner Beauty” certified product with AP and launched
Developed proprietary “Inner Beauty” ingredients and supplied (B2B) (AP, Korea Yakult, CJ Cheil Jedang)
Certification of manufacturing technology of immuno-precipitated polysaccharide Arabinoxylan.
Academic Award at the Bio-competition in the 1st annual conference of Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology(KRIBB)
New Excellent Technology Certificate by KATS (acquired NET mark)
INNOBIZ Certified
ISO 9001 Certified