As trees bloom beautiful flowers
thanks to abundant nutrients absorbed through their roots,
we make the differentiated “Beauty” come true
rooted in biotechnology.

As long-lived trees and rich fruits are grown with the nature’s nutrients supplied through their roots,
Newtree is willing to to be the giving tree providing human beings with it’s biotechnology-based
ingredients and products of “Healthy Beauty” so that theirtheir health and beauty can be kept from
decaying despite the passage of time.

Add what is needed and
remove what is unnecessary.
The beauty that is healthy and
well-balanced is the one that
Newtree pursues as ‘Healthy

Due to various factors such as environmental pollutants, one’s insufficient exercise, stresses in everyday life, and inevitable aging, people continuously lose essentials from their body and accumulate unwanted toxins in the body.

It is important to get the body nutritiously balanced by supplementing right amount of essentials that have been lost and properly emptying unwanted toxins that have been accumulated. Only then, the true “Healthy Beauty” can be accomplished.