Be more beautiful than ever !
Be healthier than ever !
Newtree is here to keep human being’s
“Healthy Beauty”.

Prioritizing customers’ health and beauty on top,
Newtree will be the giving tree helping people maintain their health and
beauty by our biotechnology-based ingredients and products such that
they can keep and nourish their “Healthy Beauty” despite the passage of time.

Newtree will further extend to the area of “Healthy Beauty” by consolidating the factors contributing to “getting healthier and more beautiful” to be a market leader, and finally leapforward to become a global health functional food company.


A global company whose mission is to keep “Health and Beauty”.

UV & Toxin Care Global Company
Go Healthy Beauty : Bio Tech.


With ingredients and products of
“Healthy Beauty” based on future biotechnology,
Newtree will create the new market to
keep the customers’ health and beauty.

Core Value

  • 긍정
  • 열정
  • 자부심


Nature / human / Science
the Value of Life born by the
Integrated Science & Nature