Aiming for the best products in
pursuit of real “Healthy Beauty”,
Newtree continues innovative
research and technology

A research company, a development company: the core of Newtree is R & D.

Newtree’s founder with
Ph.D. in the field of

Over a quarter of its employees being
researchers with masters and doctors
degree, Newtree’s superlative stance of
R&D capability in industry may be an
undoubted and natural result.

Raw material discovery from nature,
Ingredient development,
Functional product development

At the Newtree Innovative Solution Laboratory(NIS),
we develop total R & D process : raw material discovery
from nature, proprietary ingredient development, and
functional or multifunctional product development via
formula development.

Our independent R & D process

Through Newtree’s independent R & D process,
we are stepping forward closer to the state of perfection
everyday where the genuine health and beauty can be