What is Low Molecular Collagen Peptides,

  • EVERCOLLAGEN is fast absorbable Low Molecular Collagen Peptides
    which is prepared by proprietary process (enzyme hydrolysis) from
    fish collagen.
  • Its total content of tripeptide (Gly-X-Y) is greater than 15% and it contains
    index tripeptide(Gly-Pro-Hyp) of 3%.
  • EVERCOLLAGEN reaches fast inner skin and stimulates generation of
    collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin layer thus helps skin health
    by improving skin elasticity and wrinkles.
  • It is very versatile in application enabling a variety of formulation such as
    tablet, capsule, granule, drink, powder, flake, jelly, syrup, bar etc.
Boesnbergia Pandurata


Index tripeptide (Gly-Pro-Hyp):
ca. 3%, comprised of three specific amino acid residues

EVERCOLLAGEN’s molecular characteristics can be confirmed by the
presence of tri-peptide peak at the chromatogram.

  • Conventional CP(collagen peptides) supplements (CP of company A,
    CP of company B, and CP of company C) do not show collagen tripeptide peaks, whereas EVERCOLLAGEN show collagen tripeptide peak in gel-filtration chromatogram.
  • Over 15% collagen total tripeptide(Gly-X–Y) as a result of its patented manufacturing process.


  • EVERCOLLAGEN is approved as an IAFF (Indivially Approved health Functional Food) Ingredient by Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
  • Human Clinical Studies: No adverse effects due to test substance observed
  • Single dose & 28 day-repeated dose oral toxicity studies: No toxicity observed
    - LD50 >2,000 mg/kg bw, NOAEL 2,000mg/ kg bw
  • Ames Test: No mutagenicity observed


1. Improvement of Eye wrinkle, Skin elasticity, and Skin hydration

Eye wrinkle improvement (Visual Assessment) : confirmed by visual assessments: photograph and Eye winkle score

Eye wrinkle improvement(육안 평가) Eye wrinkle score

Improvement of Skin elasticity and Skin hydration
(Instrumental Assessment)
EVERCOLLAGEN group showed statistically
significant improvement of both Skin elasticity (R5)
and Skin hydration in comparison with placebo
group after intake of 12 weeks

2. Maintaining Skin Health from UV damaged wrinkling

The effect of Skin wrinkle reduction (Instrumental Assessment) EVERCOLLAGEN group showed statistically significant improvement of wrinkle parameters measured by Skin Visiometer SV600:
Skin roughness(R1), Average roughness(R3), and Smoothness depth(R4) in comparison with placebo group after intake of 12 weeks.

피부 주름 감소 효과(기기평가)