Korea’s first approved
multifunctional ingredients

We introduce our own ingredients of “Healthy Beauty”
as a result of continuous investment and R & D.

Based on the natural, raw materials of the entire world that possess the diverse efficacies related to the healthy beauty, including the reduction of the body fat, the moisturization of the skin, the whitening, the management of the elasticity of the wrinkles, etc., we possess the many patents, including the 27 cases of the domestic patent registrations, the 11 cases of the domestic patent applications, the 32 cases of the overseas patent registrations, the 17 cases of the overseas patent applications, etc.
The efficacies of the 8 cases of the self-developed, independent materials had received the recognitions from the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). And, among them, the three cases had received the recognitions for the individual recognition-type, complex functionalities for the very first time in Korea.

For Diet and Skin,
the multifunctional novel ingredient
“Fingerroot Extract Powder”

Fingerroot Extract Powder is the extract of the root of the edible plant,
Boesenbergia pandurata. It took elaborate screening out of
more than one thousand plant species all over 18,000 islands
in Indonesia, and 10 years’ R & D to achieve it.
(Function: Weight management, maintaining skin health from
UV damage, and moisturizing skin, KMFDA Approval No. 2013-5)

With it’s absorption and delivery to skin optimized,
“Low Molecular Collagen Peptides”

Unlike conventional collagen peptides, “Low Molecular Collagen Peptides” has been
optimized so that it can be absorbed fast and easily delivered to the skin for fast acting
with a much smaller dose.
(Function: Skin hydration, and maintaining skin health from UV damage, KMFDS Approval
No. 2010-25, 2013-30)

Suppression of H. pylori growth,
“Licorice Extract” multifunctional
for stomach health

“Licorice Extract” and its active compound can help stomach
health by inhibiting H. pylori growth in the stomach mucosal
layer and protecting mucosal layer of stomach.
(Function: Helps stomach health by suppression of H. pylori
growth and protection of stomach mucosal layer, KMFDS
Approval No. 2014-4)

The agar-agar with the functions
of the reduction of
the body fat and the efficacy of the
improvement of the blood sugar.

Regarding the agar-agar, which is extracted from the sea, the effects of
the improvements of the reduction of the body fat and the blood sugar
and insulin resistance had been proven through the human body
application tests at the Gangdong Kyunghee University in the year 2017.

The effect of reducing the body fat,
the visceral fat, and the subcutaneous fat.
Aster spathulifolius.

When the aster spathulifolius extract, including the chlorogenic acid,
which was extracted from the aster of the perennial plant, which is in
the chrysanthemum family, is ingested for 12 weeks, it has the effect
of reducing the fat and the body weight by promoting the suppression
and the decomposition of the fat composition.