What is Fingerroot Extract Powder,

PANDORADIET™ is extract powder of Boesenbergia Pandurata the edible plant, with efficacies of weight management and anti-skin aging.
These efficacies were proved by in vivo and human clinical studies. Its mechanism of action was also elucidated.
PANDORADIET™ is 100% safe, highly water soluble, and stable to heat and low pH enabling assorted types of application such as
drink, tablet, capsule, granule, etc.

Boesenbergia panduratais an edible plant species and belongs to
Zingiberaceaefamily. It is found wild or cultivated in Southeast Asia region.
We discovered that the extract of Boesenbergia pandurata is effective in
weight management and anti-skin aging simultaneously after elaborate
screening over 1,000 plant species for over 10 years.

Boesnbergia Pandurata

Standardization of PANDORADIET™

PANDORADIET™ is standardized to its marker compound, Panduratin A at not less than 3.52%.

Skin Roughness(R1, R3, R4) Skin vislometer SV600, Eye wrinkle score improved


  • Acute oral toxicity : LD50 is greater than 2,000 mg/kg b.w. in male and female rats.
  • No mutagenicity or genotoxicity

    - Chromosomal aberration test: Negative

    - Ames Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay : No mutagenic potential observed

    - Micronucleus Test: Negative

  • Human Clinical Studies: No adverse effects reported.
  • Established safety of Boesenbergia pandurata

    - Root or rhizome of Boesenbergia pandurata : listed as food in CODEX(34th session, Geneva, Switzerland, 4-9 Jul. 2011, HS3322)

    - Boesenbergia pandurata: listed as edible in USDA plant database

Efficacy of PANDORADIET™

1. Weight Management

Body weight 182% and BMI 197% were more reduced in PANDORADIET™ group
in comparison with the reduction in the placebo group after 12 weeks.

체중감소, BMI감소, 총지방감소 : P<0.05와 P<0.01 수준으로 위약과 유의미한 차이를 보임.

2. Anti-Skin Aging:
Improving wrinkles, moisturizing skin, and improving glossiness

PANDORADIET™ group showed skin wrinkling 82% more improved, skin moisture 38% more increased, skin
glossiness 47% more increased, and skin elasticity 22% more increased in comparison with the improvement or
increase in the placebo group after 12 weeks.

주름 감소 (Ra): Ra:Arithmetic average value of profile peaks within the total measuring length.