HACP & Collagen tri-peptide
HACP is an enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen peptide and Individually Approved Functional Food registered with KFDA approved for the use at Healthy Functional Food finished products with the approved claim for skin benefits [registration number: IAFF#2010-25(2010.5.20)].

Collagen Tri-peptide


Collagen Tri-peptide is a small peptide(Gly-X-Y) with three amino acid residues of specific sequence and easily passes through intestine to directly arrive at skin layer activating regeneration of collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin layer. It shows better bioavailability than amino acid. HACP contains this collagen tri-peptide over 15% as a result of patented manufacturing process of enzymatic hydrolysis of natural fish collagen.


Features of Evercollagen


Collagen Intake

Although collagen is a very important component  constituting about 70% of dermis at skin layer, its content gradually decreases due to aging and stress. Therefore it needs to be supplied through collagen supplement intake in order to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.  However, it is important to choose a right collagen which can be well absorbed into body and efficiently delivered to skin layer to effectively regenerating skin collagen.  Evercollagen  uses HACP collagen with an advanced bioavailability better than that of amino acid..


HACP’s collagen tri-peptide with better bio absorption than that of amino acid.

Features of Evercollagen


HACP distributes selectively at various tissue including skin

It is affirmed that HACP is uptaken to bone tissue and connective tissue such as bone, skin and tendon etc, selectively and efficiently as shown below.

Features of Evercollagen


HACP’s molecular weight characteristics confirming the presence of collagen tri-peptide fraction

Conventional collagen supplements(cp-1, cp-2, cp-3) do not show collagen tri-peptide fractions while only HACP shows the collagen tri-peptide fraction in gel-filtration chromatograms.