Material sourcing
Domestic:  Academy, Venture Companies
International: 3 companies in the US, 3 companies in India, 9 companies in Japan
R&D networking
In vitro study, In vivo study, Safety study, Human clinical study
Academy, Hospitals, CRO’s
Custom Manufacturing
Domestic: Extraction, Granulation, Tablet, Beverage, High pressure process
  Date Events

May 1998



Jun 2004

Certified as a Venture Industry Company


Nov 2004

Acquired NE mark (New Technology) form Korea Agency for Technology and Standards


Dec 2004

Newtree Food R&D Center started


May 2006

Affirmed as InnoBiz Company from Korea Small and Medium Business Administration


Feb 2007

Newtree Food R&D Center moved to TIP(Techno Innovation Park) at Siheung


Feb 2007

Head office and factory moved to SK n Technopark at Sungnam


Mar 2008

Approved manufacturing license of Health Functional Food by KFDA


Dec 2008

ISO 9001 certified

  Date Events

Apr 2001

Developed “Chewable Vitamin & Fe” for Amore Pacific using platform technology from Takeda, Japan


Mar 2003

Patent registered in Korea and US, for Production Method of Arabinoxylan as Immuno stimulant


Dec 2003

Awarded Academic Prize at the 1st KRIBB(Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology) Bio Competition  to recognize production technology of Arabinoxylan, Immuno stimulant


Mar 2004

Developed ADH, main functional ingredient for the finished product,”Condition(brand name)”, anti-hangover beverage of CJ


Dec 2005

Established “Soy Peptide Society” of Korea Health Forum


May 2006

Funded for the development of Health functional food by Korean Ginseng by Government


Aug 2006

Funded for the development of Single cell technology for high content Saponin beverage by Government


Aug 2006

Started IAFF registration team


Jun 2007

Funded for the development of New type of Ginseng products for International potential market by Government


Jun 2008

Funded for the development of  technology for emulsifying and stabilizing functional foods of beverage type by Government


Jun 2010

Funded for the development of Ceramide by Nano-capsulation technology by Government


Oct 2010

Awarded  “Innovative Technology Grand Prize” by Korea Ministry of Knowledge and Ecomony


June 2011

Funded for the development of  water soluble Curcumin extract by Subcritical fluid extraction technology by  Government


Apr 2012

Funded for the development of  Herbal extract for Brain Health