Business Model
Food Business is Design Business
Tasty and Healthy Food
Market Oriented Company
Technology Oriented Company
Development of Proprietary Functional Ingredient for Customers (K, G-Biz)
Either R&D or Outsourcing & In-licensing K: Knowledge
IAFF(Individually Approved Functional Food) registration G: Global
Collaborative Development of customers’ new products for specific ingredients from the start.
For domestic and international business
Development of Formulation for  customers (W-Biz) W: Wisdom
Novel formulation for Bulky or generic ingredients
PB products for MLM
Development of Finished Products of Our own brand (B-Biz )B: Brand
Providing  marketing information (Hit-product benchmarking), concept proposal and formula development à “Speed Up”
Establishing product development system based on Mass Customization à “Cost Down”